Saline Lightening & Removal vs. Color Correction

Do you have poorly don’t permanent makeup Eyebrows, Eyeliner or Lips that you are not happy with and want removed or corrected?   When does a poorly done procedure need to addressed with Li-FT® Saline Removal and when can it be color shifted and corrected?  I have been correcting botched permanent makeup for over 15 years using both the saline removal method and the color & shape modification method.  I have trained my team of elite artists here at Girlz Ink to be correction specialists and we have collectively fixed over 5,000 botched permanent makeup procedures.  We offer free consultations.  In the consultation we will explain what your specific situation presents, engage you in an honest conversation and suggest the best way forward for you in your quest to correct what is bothering you.

The best course of action for your specific situation will depend on a few things. Most importantly, the level of saturation (how much pigment is there) and the shape of the procedure will determine if saline removal or color correction will be the best option for you.  A few other considerations would be…How many times has that specific area been tattooed? What technique was used, specifically brows; were they microbladed, shaded, or combination of both? When was the last time you had them done?  What type of pigment was used?  Once we evaluate your specific case and situation our team of Girlz Ink correction specialists will discuss and explain the best way forward to a new and attractive procedure you will be happy with.

There is no need to perform saline lightening or removal if the shape is workable and the area isn’t overly saturated with pigment. Meaning if the color is fairly light and the placement of the pigment can be re-worked into a beautiful and symmetrical design…saline removal would not be needed but rather color and shape shifting would be suggested and performed.  Even if the pigment has turned gray, blue, orange or red…as long as it is light, we can color correct and shift it back to a beautiful brown.

If the shape is super unsymmetrical, too thick, too high, too low, too close together, you have two tails…an overall unattractive shape then we simply cannot modify and re-design. Li-FT® Saline Removal may be suggested and your only option. If the shape is nice, they are the right color BUT there is just too much pigment present in the skin and they look too solid then Li-FT® Saline Removal may be suggested and your only option in achieving a less solid and more natural look.  If the area is too solid and its gray, blue, orange or red, then Li-FT® Saline Removal may be suggested and your only option to achieving an acceptable brown or blonde tone. We may need to pull some of that existing pigment out in order to make room for the new pigment and for it to last.  Key word…last.

Attempting to put new pigment over a brow or any area that is already too solid with pigment does not work well, it will not last long term and is just putting a temporary fix on the problem.  That old, unattractive color will show up again rather quickly and then you’re back to square one. Think of it like a glass of water, only so much can be poured into that glass before it spills over.  We must dump some of that water out to make room for the new water. Same with permanent makeup and correcting bad work…we must pull some of that old pigment out of the skin to make room for the new pigment.

“Cover-ups” do not work when it comes to permanent makeup.  Although it can work nicely when it comes to body tattooing…even body tattoo artists are now embracing saline removal. Lightening the old tattoo removes design restrictions and allows the artist to give their client a beautiful design that they would not have been able to give if they had to work within the boundaries of that old tattoo.  Depending on how saturated the area is and how well the skin responds to the Li-FT® Saline Lightening treatments will dictate how many sessions will be needed.

Whether your situation will require saline lightening or color and shape modification is something we can help you decide so you can achieve the results you want and deserve. We love educating our clients and are always here to help.  Email us to book your free consultation.