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By Artist Teryn Darling: after of beautifully done permanent powder brows


Eyebrows are uniquely personal and what frames the face. Our team of talented artists will have you feeling amazing no matter what style brow you choose!

Artist Teryn Darling's beautiful eyeliner work. Client's right eye shown with top and bottom eyeliner.


It’s amazing what a little color around the eye can do! Whether you’re looking for a more natural, subtle enhancement or want to dramatize your look, Girlz Ink has you covered.

Beautiful after lips by artist Michon Martinez


Tired of always having to reapply your lipstick? Do you wish your lips were fuller, more symmetrical or had more color? No matter what you wish you had, we can help!

Artist Teryn Darling example of Li-FT® removal. Client's before lightening shown on top, and after lightening results shown on bottom

Removal & Corrections

If you have poorly done PMU, microblading or a small body tattoo you’d like lightened, removed or corrected, please contact us to schedule your free consultation.

By Artist Teryn Darling: top left and right shows before areola procedure. Bottom left and right show after areola procedure.

3D Areola

Have you had a breast augmentation surgery, Myectomy, or want to redefine your areola? We’re able to artistically create the illusion of a 3-Dimensional areola and nipple on skin that is completely flat. We call it the “illusion of protrusion!”

Example of Teenzy Tat, a line art flower leading into a flower

Micro Skin Art

Teenzy Tatz are small (generally 1×1 to 2×2 in size), simplistic tattoo designs. We offer a wide variety of fun, cute and meaningful designs/images to choose from!