What is Emergency Removal®?

If you are a client who has had your eyebrows done in the last 48 hours, and you feel they were done poorly, you don’t like them and would like to have them lightened or even possibly removed, Li-FT® and the Emergency Removal® technique may be able to help you right here at the Girlz Ink Studio.

With over 15 years of experience in saline removal and over 1000 permanent makeup removal procedures to my credit…in 2015 I developed the Emergency Removal® technique. The Emergency Removal® technique can prevent a freshly and poorly done eyebrow from healing into the skin. That’s right! If you’ve had botched permanent makeup eyebrows done, call us within 48 hours of having them done and we may be able to lift and pull the pigment out and prevent it from healing in to the skin. This is a specialized service that requires no needles or additional trauma to the area.  This technique works so well due to my proven techniques combined with the Li-FT® Saline Lightening Solution that is safe, powerful and effective. I have personally trained all of my Girlz Ink Artists in this procedure so we have a highly skilled team of Emergency Removal® specialists here in Las Vegas and ready to help.  Read on for the whole story on how Teryn developed this technique!

The client who inspired me to develop this game changing technique had her brows done 24 hours prior to calling my studio. She was desperate and kept referring to her situation as an emergency, hence the term “Emergency Removal®”.  I brought her in and attempted for the very first time to remove the pigment without use of any needles or causing any additional trauma to the area. This idea and technique were taken from my class room when I’m training students and they made a mistake.  If this technique worked in preventing student mistakes from healing into the skin…maybe it would work in preventing an entire pair of eyebrows from healing into the skin.  It was worth a shot!

It took about 7 days to know the result and it not only worked…it worked better than I ever could have imagined!  That solid gray eyebrow that was too thick lifted and removed from the skin completely…100% of the pigment was gone!  With that result, I went on to do several more Emergency Li-FT® Removals before concluding that this was a technique that is safe, effective and deserving to be introduced to the permanent makeup industry and taught to all permanent makeup artists.

Six years later, the Emergency Removal® technique is an industry standard that is being used and taught all over the world.  Even other saline removal companies and brands are teaching my Emergency Removal® techniques!  It has become a global phenomenon and universally accepted as the safest and most effective way to lighten and remove freshly done permanent makeup.  When I see the term Emergency Removal® being used by PMU artists all over the world, when I see the results, they are achieving for their clients…it makes me get super emotional and works can’t even begin to explain how proud it makes me feel.

If you have had bad eyebrows done and are in the Las Vegas area, please contact the Girlz Ink Studio®.  We have performed more successful Emergency Removal® procedures than any other studio in the Las Vegas area and we are here to help you. If you are located outside of Las Vegas, please click this link to find a Certified Li-FT Technician near you: https://liftinkremoval.com/map-locations/

Check out our before and healed results after Emergency Li-FT® Removal has been performed on our  Instagram Page @Liftinkremoval.