Caring For Your Eyeliner

You’ll never worry about uneven eyeliner now that it’s tattooed! Or smudging and running down your face ever again! Taking good care of your new eyeliner while it heals is the best way to ensure it heals beautifully with great color and we are going to guide you through that.  Teryn experimented extensively with many different Eyeliner healing agendas to determine the very best protocol to ensure her clients healed with the optimum results and developed her own custom Eyeliner Healing Agenda.

Along with new Eyeliner comes some swelling and maybe even some bruising.   The level of swelling and bruising if any, will be different with every person.  Teryn has performed over 6,000 Eyeliners on her own and collectively the Girlz Ink team of artists have performed well over 8,000. We have seen the very mild all the way to holy cow!  Don’t be alarmed…in a matter of days it will all subside.

Blotting Your Eyeliner

Permanent Makeup, like all tattooing, creates a wound, and all wounds weep body fluids.  The weeping fluids that will come to the surface are lymph, oil, excess pigment and maybe even a little blood…all of which are totally normal. Some clients may weep a little more for a longer period of time and some may weep a little less for a shorter period of time…everyone is different.  Blotting off these fluids and excess pigment is critical to a good result and optimum color retention.

If these fluids remain on the tattooed area and accumulate, you will get heavier scabbing. Heavy scabbing can pull out the pigment which will result in light spots and unevenness of color.

To blot:

  • Dampen a paper towel with cold water. If you live in Las Vegas, cold tap water is fine. If you are visiting from another state, please check that states recommendations as some states require sterile water be used.
  • Day 1: Blot your new procedure every 15 minutes upon leaving the Girlz Ink Studio.
  • Continue blotting every couple of hours on that first day.
  • Days 2 & 3: Continue to blot the area periodically throughout the day and evening. Usually by day 2 the weeping has started to subside and blotting will not be needed as much as it was on the first day. Everyone is different so please monitor and blot as needed.

Washing Your Eyeliner

The most important thing to remember about the healing process is to wash your hands before and after touching any treated area and keep the area clean.

To wash/cleanse your eyeliner:

  • Use a very light touch and cleanse on and around the procedure area with a mild cleanser (Dial Soap, Cataphyll, and Neutrogena are good choices!) DO NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA), or any exfoliates. Make sure you rinse off all of the cleanser. Pat dry. Wait 15 minutes before applying ointment after getting the procedure wet. Never put ointment on a wet or damp tattoo.

To shower:

  • Avoid exceptionally hot showers and keep the bathroom doors open to not cause steam. Do NOT allow steam to be created. Steam can affect pigment retention.
  • Keep your face and brow area out of the water until the very end of the shower. Do not let the shower spray hit you directly in the face. When you wash your hair, rinse shampoo/conditioner back away from your face.
  • Wash your face and brow area following the instruction above.

Applying Ointment to Your Eyeliner

When you leave your appointment, keep the area clean and blot any excess fluids with damp paper towels as explained above. DO NOT apply ointment for the first 48 hours at a minimum. If after 48 hours the weeping as subsided, you may start applying ointment.  If at the 48 hour mark the area is still weeping wait an additional 24 hours.

  • Only use the ointment we provide you with!
  • Apply a thin, very light coat of ointment once in the morning and once in the evening for the following 2-3 days.
  • Eyes are very sensitive to ointment so use sparingly.
  • Although it is important to use ointment, using it excessively can starve the skin of air and can result in pigment loss during the healing period. Use it, but use it sparingly; just enough to moisten.
  • Try to keep the ointment contained to the eyeliner above and within the lashes and avoid getting it into the eye itself.
  • If you feel any discomfort INSIDE the eye itself, this is not normal and you should contact the Studio immediately and/or see an Eye Doctor.

* Allergic reactions are extremely rare but are possible. If you notice any bumps, rash, or think you may be having a reaction: stop using the ointment immediately, cleanse the area and call the Studio. *

TLC For Your Eyeliner

We’ve listed the most important things to do and avoid to ensure your eyeliner heals as amazing as possible!

Most importantly: Keep it protected and keep it clean!

  • Avoid any activities that cause dust, dirt or dander for a minimum of 72 hours. Waiting 5 full days is best. Wearing glasses outdoors is a good way to protect healing eyeliner.
  • Do not do any activities that cause sweat in the area of the procedure or your face to heat up and turn red. No exercising for 10 days. No exception.
  • No horseback riding, camping or riding ATVs.
  • During your healing process DO NOT expose your new procedure to chemicals, hot tubs, saunas, direct shower spray, hot water, salt water, chlorinated pools, lakes, ponds or beaches.
  • Stay out of the sun! Direct sun exposure and tanning beds should be avoided indefinitely as both are counter-productive to the cosmetic procedure.
  • Absolutely NO topical makeup on the healing procedure(s) for a minimum of 5 days. Topical makeup is bacterial and your new procedures(s) need adequate time to heal to avoid irritation and/or infection. You may apply your makeup around the new procedure area but avoid applying ON the healing areas.
  • After any eyeliner procedure, please purchase and use a NEW mascara.
  • DO NOT use an eyelash curler for 2 weeks. This instrument pulls the eyelashes and the tissue containing the eyeliner pigment that surrounds the lashes. You must allow the eyeliner to heal before stressing the tissue in this area.
  • No contact lenses for 5 full days.
  • No facials or peels for two full weeks!
  • Some tenderness, puffiness (even bruising), redness, and itching is quite normal for the tattoo healing process. DO NOT PICK, PEEL, or SCRATCH the treated area as this could result in your color healing unevenly, as well as the risk of scarring and infection.

Lastly…relax! We know it can look a little scary at first but remember…you chose the best and it’s just a tattoo that will lighten, soften and heal in a matter of days. Do exactly as advised in these aftercare protocols and your eyeliner will heal well! Complications are extremely rare.  Pretty soon you will be enjoying your new eyeliner!

Please note that on average 60% of clients will heal with all color in place and will not require a second session, and 40% of clients will heal with some weak spots or overall, too light and will require a second session. Please give the area 4 full weeks to fully heal and bloom for accurate assessment.