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The Ultimate PMU Training with Dawn Scappaticci – 7/6/2024-7/15/2024

What will students learn in this class?

Learn microblading, powder brows/combo, ombre & aquarelle lips, lipstick technique & lash enhancement eyeliner in this 7-day live training/100 hours total including online portion. 3 live models (provided by student and the model fee is $150 for each PMU service)

-The art of microblading: microblading techniques & stroke patterns
-The art of powder brows and soft ombre brows with & without outline techniques
-The art of the perfect combo brow: combine a microblading pattern with soft shading
-The art of lip blush
-The art of lash enhancement eyeliner
-Machine training, hand movements & speed
-Needle configurations
-Learn how to create a perfectly mapped eyebrow: string mapping to achieve symmetry
-Learn how to create a perfectly mapped lip
-Pre-care process: learn everything a client needs to prepare/discontinue for their appointment
-After-care: learn the post care process for the best retention
-Safety & sterilization: the set up and breakdown of the workstation
-Basic color theory fundamentals
-Photography editing apps & proper lighting
-Medical consent forms
-Full list of supplies & companies/vendors
-Small size classes

Also Included
-PMU machine with practice kit
-3 learning manuals

Training Start/End Dates:

Starts 7/6/2024. Ends 7/15/2024.

Training Schedule

Day 1, July 6 – Introduction, Brow Design and Brow Mapping, Introduction to Microblading, Microblading Head strokes, spine, transition, upper stokes and lower strokes. The process of numbing and the difference between primary and secondary numbing agents, learn the secret to not losing the shape!
Day 2, July 7 – Microblading upper/lower spine strokes. Pre/Post care instructions. Contradictions when not to carry out the treatment. Safety and sterilization.
Day 3, July 8 – Introduction to Powder, combo and ombre brows! Machine movements, learning the different needles configurations & needle codes. Inventory list, forms and marketing.
Day 4, July 9 – Live Model day for Brows. As the student you will be working on a model. The student will be map the models brows. Dawn Marie will do all first passes of microblading on the models. The student will then do a second pass on the model and machine shading creating a beautiful combo brow.
Day 5, July 13 – Introduction to Lip Blush, lip symmetry, mapping, color theory, machine movement, pre/post care, process, photography, editing, apps & marketing.
Day 6, July 14 – Live model day for Lip Blush
Day 7, July 15 – Introduction to eyeliner, mapping, hand movement & technique. Live model day for Lash Enhancement Liner.

Are Models Provided?

Students are expected to obtain their own models. Models are provided by the students and the model fee for each PMU service is $150. If the student can not find a model, a model will be provided.

What is included?

Manuals, morning snacks and coffee, practice kit with PMU machine included, 3 certificates of completion (after additional at home practice levels are passed – 100 total hours) & Day 7 lunch party included.

Cost of the Training

$6500 fee applies to training and must be paid in full before the training start date.

Visit our website at www.dawnmariestudio.com and click ‘book an appointment’ to reserve a seat.


Jul 06 2024


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