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Mastering Your Results: Skin, Pigments, Depth and Saturation LIVE Webinar with Teryn Darling

Join Teryn for a 3-hour (who we kidding…more like 4 hours) live webinar all about skin undertones and mastering your healed results! Color Theory is one of the most important topics a PMU artist must learn. The skin directly influences our healed-in color results. We are implanting pigment into facial skin and we must identify and understand the overtone and undertone of every single client in order to have the healed-in color results wanted.

In this webinar, Teryn will teach you the formula for predictable healed-in color results, stable aging, the different skin temperatures (this is unique and super cool), the skin overtone, the skin undertone, how Depth and Saturation levels directly affect our healed results and so, so much more!  This is non pigment brand specific.  Included with this webinar is:

  • You will be uploaded to Teryn’s full Beyond The Epidermis™ Color Theory Course with a 6 month access. This course includes The Science of Pigments, The Fundamentals of Color, Skin Undertones and Corrections. This course is not pigment brand specific, universal information and applied to all pigments
  • 6 Month Access to Rewatch the Recorded Webinar
  • LIVE with Q&A
  • Certificate of Training
  • Discount to Beyond The Epidermis Book, Color Theory and Corrections Checklist


Webinar Overview

  • The Tri-factor of Color
  • Determining Skin Temperature
  • Warm, Neutral and Cool Skin Definitions
  • Skin Overtone vs the Undertone
  • The 8 different Skin Undertone classifications and how they each influence our healed-in color results
  • Is it scar tissue or did the pigment turn red?
  • The “Stretch Test”: A must know! Game Changer!
  • Sun-damage skin: Approach for success
  • Hyperpigmentation: Approach for success
  • Ruddy and Pink Skin Types: Approach for success
  • Reading the Skin Accurately
  • Using the Fitzpatrick Scale for PMU and skin reactions
  • The Layers of the Skin
  • How Depth affects your healed-in color results
  • How saturation affects your healed-in color results
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Jun 23 2024


10:00 am



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