The Needle & The Prick LIVE Webinar with Teryn Darling

Join Teryn for a 3-hour (okay maybe 4 hours knowing Teryn) live webinar all about needles! The needle is super important as it affects how your work will look, the time it will take to complete the procedure and the skin itself. Imagine…getting to the saturation levels wanted quickly and efficiently. Imagine reducing your touch up work.  Imagine reducing your procedure time so you can see more clients in a day.  This is all possible when you choose the most ideal needle for each client case.

Teryn spent years making all her own needles and that’s how her love for needles began.  With her years of experience and over 25,000 successful procedures, Teryn will teach you the science behind needles. She will discuss how to choose the right needle size and type for all the different PMU procedures and achieve the results you and your client want…efficiently.

This webinar will give you a deeper understanding of needles, allowing you to be versatile in your choices and your healed-in results more predictable and artistic. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from Teryn and improve your permanent makeup skills! Included in this webinar:

  • You will be uploaded to Teryn’s full and complete The Needle & The Prick Online Course with a 6-month access
  • 6 Month Access to Rewatch the Recorded Webinar
  • Certificate of Training
  • LIVE with Q&A
  • $199 Registration Fee

Webinar Overview

  • The different needle configurations
  • The different diameter size needles and the importance of each size
  • The different size single needles and when you might choose one size over another
  • The needle taper and how the different tapers affect the skin
  • Liners vs. Shaders
  • Magnums (Curved, Straight Edge and Stacked)
  • The versatility of needles
  • Depth and hand pressure used for the different needle types
  • How depth affects our results and healed-in color
  • Oily, resistant skin…what needle is best
  • The different saturation levels
  • The Needle Float
  • Movements….the 6 core movements we make with our needles
  • How the stroke setting of a machine affects the needle
  • Understanding Needle Code
  • Needle Influences…all the variables that influence the needle
  • Textured Needles vs. Non Textured


Feb 24 2024


10:00 am



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