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PMU Fundamentals with Treja McClish – 6/1/2024-8/4/2024

What will students learn in this class?

We start with the basics. You’ll leave this class with a solid understanding of:

Color Theory (online with Girlz Ink!) / Machine and Needle Knowledge (online with Girlz Ink!) / Skin – how healing works and how skin affects our tattooing technique, color choices, and tool selection

Then we dive deep into multiple techniques like:

– Nano Hairstrokes/Digital Microblading – creating crisp, clean hairstrokes with your tattoo machine
– Powder Brows – shaded brow techniques with a machine, including classic powder brows and the super popular ombre brow
– Combo Brows – Combining shading and hairstrokes to create the ultimate customized brow for your client
– Pixel Blading – this is a manual technique to create hairstrokes that is gentler on the skin than microblading, and suitable for more clients
– How to use different needle configurations to get your desired end result fastest with the least trauma for your client

And then to get you more fully prepared we touch on some business basics!

– How to frame and prep your photos for sharing to gain more clients
– Solid business practices to build the life you want
– Social Media and Marketing basics
– Establishing policies and procedures to protect yourself and set your clients up for successful services

And some final important things to know about how our classes work!

– Small class sizes. We cap our class at 4 students to ensure you get 1 on 1 help
– Multiple models – You’ll be successfully completing 5 models per technique you learn. We start hands on together, and ease you into it
– 4 floating hours of 1-on-1 time with me. It takes some time for info to sink in, so once you’ve had some clients under your belt, you have some dedicated time with me to help polish your skills
– On-going mentorship. We want you to be successful and are here to help!

Training Start/End Dates:

Starts 6/1/2024. Ends 8/4/2024.

Training Schedule

Classes start at 9am and end around 6pm.

4 weekends in June, and 1 weekend in August, plus approx 40 hours of online pre-study, to be completed before class starts.

We start with theory, latex practice, and a demo model then immediately ease you into hands on, with multiple models in both hairstroke and powder brows

Saturday June 1-2
Fri-Sun June 7-9
Fri-Sun June 14-16
Sat-Sun June 22-23
Sat-Sun Aug 3-4

Are Models Provided?

Yes, but you are welcome to bring your own, just send me their info. It’s a great way to begin building your clientele.

What is included?

Your training will include a machine and power supply, and everything you need to practice at home and start taking models upon completion of the class. Snacks are included throughout the day, and there will be a lunch break.

Cost of the Training

$6950. Non-Refundable Deposit of $1360 holds your spot, balance due 4 weeks before class starts

To sign up, please go to the website or email [email protected] or call 707-772-6256.

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