olivia martinez and teryn darling master your facebook ads

FREE LIVE Webinar – The Importance of Learning Facebook Ads

We don’t want to do your Facebook Ads for you…we are way too busy doing our own. We left Marketing Agencies three years ago and have been doing our own FB Ads ever since…with massive success and ROI. We want to teach and empower YOU to do the same…to take control of your own FB Ads.

Teryn has been a PMU artist for over 20 years and knows this industry inside and out. She brought Olivia, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing on as Girlz Ink’s Chief Marketing Officer 4 years ago. When Teryn’s PMU knowledge and Olivia’s marketing knowledge collided…strategies were unlocked and success was discovered.

Join Teryn and Olivia for an empowering FREE Facebook Ads Marketing Webinar!

With this FREE webinar we will explain:

  • Marketing on your Business Facebook Page and Personal Page
  • What are Facebook Ads, and why should you be running them?
  • What do you need to run your Facebook Ads?
  • The importance of knowing your target audience and creating customer personas
  • What is Interest Targeting and why is it significant?
  • Boosting Post vs. Facebook Ad
  • Navigating Facebook Ads Policies
  • Understanding Campaign Structure
  • What is optimization?


By attending this FREE webinar you will understand why running Facebook Ads is important for your business! You will receive a DISCOUNT CODE to the FULL Facebook Ads Online Course. The paid online course will go over everything you need to know to create your own successful Facebook Ads and Campaign:

  • How to Create your Facebook Business page
  • How to Create your Facebook Business Account & Ads
  • Personal Ad Account vs Business Ad Account
  • Target Audience vs Customer Persona
  • How to define Your Target Audience
  • Creating Your Customer Persona
  • Boosting a Post vs a Facebook Ad
  • Step by Step Guide to Creating your Facebook Ad
  • Campaign Structure
  • How to Use Interest Targeting
  • Writing your Ad Copy
  • Designing your Creative
  • Facebook Policies
  • Understanding all the options you have when setting up your Ad
  • Optimization & Scaling


Apr 14 2024


10:00 am

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