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Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction. Teryn has spent the last 22 years building a highly successful and sustainable permanent makeup company.  She claims a large, loyal clientele, a studio of talented artists, an online PMU Supply Store and an online Training Platform…so she has quite some brain to pick.  Combine that with her product developments, artist collaborations, invitations to speak at the most elite PMU Conferences and her artist skills…it’s no surprise PMU artists want to learn from her and be mentored by her. Coaching isn’t therapy, it’s product development with you as the product. Below are just some areas in which Teryn can help you with.

Teryn Darling, one of the most sought after artists in the industry, is now offering customizable coaching Sessions.

I have no intention of using people to build a successful Coaching platform. I have every intention of using my coaching platform to build successful people, successful artists and successful business owners.