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LIVE Webinars

Experience the power of real-time learning with our LIVE webinars! Industry leader Teryn Darling will be teaching on the topics that will empower and evolve every PMU artist. Joining Teryn is her team of experts that have grown Girlz Ink to what it is today. They have become subject matter and niche experts in the area of business, marketing and design. They will be sharing their knowledge from real life experience including our failures. No smoke and mirrors. No bullshit. 

These webinars and team of business women will be accessible right from the comfort of your own space, providing an engaging and dynamic platform for knowledge. Whether you’re looking to stay updated on industry trends, learn PMU foundational skills, or become a more well rounded business owner, our LIVE webinars offer a personalized and immersive experience. Ask questions in real-time and gain valuable insights from those who have walked the path and transformed their goals and dreams into reality. Stay ahead in your field with our convenient and accessible LIVE webinars, where learning knows no boundaries.

The Needle & The Prick LIVE Webinar
with Teryn Darling

Date: February 24th, 2024

Time: 10am (PST)

Registration Fee: $199

Join Teryn for a 3-hour (okay maybe 4 hours knowing Teryn) live webinar all about needles! The needle is super important as it affects how your work will look, the time it will take to complete the procedure and the skin itself. Imagine…getting to the saturation levels wanted quickly and efficiently. Imagine reducing your touch up work.  Imagine reducing your procedure time so you can see more clients in a day.  This is all possible when you choose the most ideal needle for each client case.

Teryn spent years making all her own needles and that’s how her love for needles began.  With her years of experience and over 25,000 successful procedures, Teryn will teach you the science behind needles. She will discuss how to choose the right needle size and type for all the different PMU procedures and achieve the results you and your client want…efficiently.  

This webinar will give you a deeper understanding of needles, allowing you to be versatile in your choices and your healed-in results more predictable and artistic. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from Teryn and improve your permanent makeup skills! Included in this webinar:

  • You will be uploaded to Teryn’s full and complete The Needle & The Prick Online Course with a 6-month access
  • 6 Month Access to Rewatch the Recorded Webinar
  • Certificate of Training
  • LIVE with Q&A
  • $199 Registration Fee

Webinar Overview

  • The different needle configurations
  • The different diameter size needles and the importance of each size
  • The different size single needles and when you might choose one size over another
  • The needle taper and how the different tapers affect the skin
  • Liners vs. Shaders
  • Magnums (Curved, Straight Edge and Stacked)
  • The versatility of needles
  • Depth and hand pressure used for the different needle types
  • How depth affects our results and healed-in color
  • Oily, resistant skin…what needle is best
  • The different saturation levels
  • The Needle Float
  • Movements….the 6 core movements we make with our needles
  • How the stroke setting of a machine affects the needle
  • Understanding Needle Code
  • Needle Influences…all the variables that influence the needle
  • Textured Needles vs. Non Textured

The Healthy Hustle with Teryn Darling

Transform Your Outlook, Transform Your Business

Date: March 23rd, 2024

Time: 10am (PST)

Registration Fee: $49

teryn darling healthy hustle webinar flyer

Does your mind have a mind of it’s own? Are you good to yourself? Do you understand the power you possess? The happiness and success you want starts with a healthy mindset.

Join Teryn for a 3+ hour webinar! This will be an enlightening and introspective journey to self awareness and discovery! Taking a look at your own self can be hard… it can be scary. But when you do it with others who share the same desire and commitment, it can be ever so moving and powerful.

I’m not going to take you to church – I’m going to bring church to you!

Included in this webinar:

  • 6 Month Access to Rewatch the Recorded Webinar
  • Certificate of Training
  • LIVE with Q&A
  • $49 Registration Fee

I will cover:

  • Lost hope? This will restore it.
  • Lost inspiration? This will ignite it.
  • Something deep down will be invigorated.
  • Practical optimism, not toxic positivity.

Master Your Facebook Ads with Olivia & Teryn

Date: April 6th, 2024

Time: 10am (PST)

Registration Fee: $149

Join Olivia, Girlz Ink’s Chief Marketing Officer who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, for an empowering Facebook Ads Marketing Webinar! She’ll be joined by Teryn who knows this industry and decided to bring their advertising in-house. With over two years of hands-on experience running Facebook ads for Girlz Ink, Olivia is here to share her expertise and guide you through the entire process!

Olivia’s goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to create and manage your own ads effectively, empowering you to take control of your Facebook advertising! From understanding the difference between Personal and Business Ad accounts to mastering the art of writing compelling ad copy to designing creatives, Olivia will cover it all.

Learn how to navigate Facebook policies, identify your target audience, and use customer personas to tailor your ads for maximum results. Olivia will cover campaign structure, interest targeting, and optimization strategies to ensure your ads reach the right audience and achieve your goals.

Words from Olivia: “My goal is to empower all of you to take control of your own marketing just how we, Girlz Ink, were able to do and have been very successful. No one knows your business better than yourself and your team!”

  • You will be uploaded to Olivia’s full online course with a 6 month access.
  • 6 Month Access to Rewatch the Recorded Webinar
  • LIVE with Q&A
  • Certificate of Training

Webinar Overview

  • Step by Step Guide to Creating your Facebook Ad
  • Personal Ad Account vs Business Ad Account
  • Writing your Ad Copy
  • Designing your Creative
  • Facebook Policies
  • Target Audience vs Customer Persona
  • Defining Your Target Audience
  • Creating Your Customer Persona
  • Understanding all the options you have when setting up your Ad
  • Optimization & Scaling
  • Campaign Structure
  • Interest Targeting
  • How to Create your Facebook Business page
  • How to Create your Facebook Business Ad Account
  • Business Suite
  • Boosting a Post vs a Facebook Ad

Mastering Your Results LIVE Webinar with Teryn Darling

Skin - Pigments - Depth - Saturation

Date: April 27th, 2024

Time: 10am (PST)

Registration Fee: $149

skin undertones webinar flyer - mastering your results

Join Teryn for a 3-hour (who we kidding…more like 4 hours) live webinar all about skin undertones! Color Theory is one of the most important topics a PMU artist must learn. The skin directly influences our healed-in color results. We are implanting pigment into facial skin and we must identify and understand the overtone and undertone of every single client in order to have the healed-in color results wanted. 

In this webinar, Teryn will teach you the formula for predictable healed-in color results, stable aging, the different skin temperatures (this is unique and super cool), the skin overtone, the skin undertone, how Depth and Saturation levels directly affect our healed results and so, so much more!  This is non pigment brand specific.  Included with this webinar is:

  • You will be uploaded to Teryn’s full Beyond The Epidermis™ Color Theory Course with a 6 month access. This course includes The Science of Pigments, The Fundamentals of Color, Skin Undertones and Corrections. This course is not pigment brand specific, universal information and applied to all pigments
  • 6 Month Access to Rewatch the Recorded Webinar
  • LIVE with Q&A
  • Certificate of Training
  • Discount to Beyond The Epidermis Book, Color Theory and Corrections Checklist

Webinar Overview

  • The Tri-factor of Color
  • Determining Skin Temperature
  • Warm, Neutral and Cool Skin Definitions
  • Skin Overtone vs the Undertone
  • The 8 different Skin Undertone classifications and how they each influence our healed-in color results
  • Is it scar tissue or did the pigment turn red?
  • The “Stretch Test”: A must know! Game Changer!
  • Sun-damage skin: Approach for success
  • Hyperpigmentation: Approach for success
  • Ruddy and Pink Skin Types: Approach for success
  • Reading the Skin Accurately
  • Using the Fitzpatrick Scale for PMU and skin reactions
  • The Layers of the Skin
  • How Depth affects your healed-in color results
  • How saturation affects your healed-in color results