6 Month Apprentice

Training Program

We offer a 6-month permanent makeup training program.

If you live in Las Vegas and want to become a licensed permanent makeup artist, a 6-month apprenticeship is required by the Southern Nevada Health District. The Girlz Ink Studio is world renown and has a stellar reputation for their artist dedicated training and education.  Girlz Ink offers an in-depth, comprehensive and interactive apprenticeship program to only a select few per year.  We are serious about our trainings and only want those that are serious about having a successful career in the PMU industry. This is not your average 6-month in and out training model. This is a training and mentorship program designed to cultivate young artists in building a successful and sustainable PMU career.   

All theory classes will be on-line which allows your time in the studio to be spent shadowing the Girlz Ink artists setting up and breaking down work trays, prepping the client, latex work and of course hands-on procedural training. 

Once your 6-month training is complete, the opportunity to start seeing your paid clients while you transition into your own place or becoming a part of the Girlz Ink Team is available.

Please fill out the Apprenticeship Application to be considered for an amazing opportunity. 

This training opportunity isn’t location dependent. If you’re willing to travel to us, we’re willing to accept you into this exclusive program. Applications are open to the continental U.S. and Canada.