Teryn Darling has been doing permanent makeup for over 17 years and teaching for over 12 years. She is also a body tattoo artist and much of her permanent makeup skill comes from her body tattoo background. Teryn and the  team of Girlz Ink Artists offer all types of permanent makeup training. Teryn and  Girlz Ink teaches hands on classes in eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Girlz Ink offers educational webinars such as Permanent Makeup Color Theory Webinar, Pigment Removal/Lightening Webinars, Tattoo Needle Theory Webinars and much more. What ever your need of learning may be…whatever level or type of training you need…Teryn Darling and the artists of Girlz Ink have worked hard to meet those needs fine tuning and customizing training for all aspects of permanent makeup, micro-pigmentation and cosmetic tattooing. Hands on, shadowing or webinars…we have what you need. Check out and follow the Girlz Ink Facebook Page and Instagram Page. Make sure to read our amazing reviews on Google.  Contact us anytime for more information. We are not only here to help you reach better results with your permanent makeup procedures…..we get off on it!

PMU Color Theory Recorded Webinar

Tattooing Living Color Recorded | was $350 now on sale for $250 –  This PMU color theory recorded webinar class is all about Color Theory, Skin Undertones, Corrections, The Science of Pigments and so much more. This is a RECORDED webinar that runs about 9 hours long. Thats right…over 9 hours of pure color theory education. There is NO other PMU color theory class this in-depth, this detailed, this educational in the industry today. Teryn is not new to color theory…she has studied and taught color theory for over 14 years. She was the first to put her knowledge of color, skin undertones and pigments into an on-line webinar. Many have followed since but none have duplicated what Teryn has done. Yes it is recorded so you have the convenience of having this recording for one full month and  watching it when you want and as many times as you want! 

Wedges & Wing Design Webinar

with Teryn Darling and Amber Guthery

Cost: $150  NOW ON SALE FOR $125

This class will teach you how to design, mark and lock in a perfectly symmetrical design for a  wedge eyeliner and winged eyeliner.  The techniques and information we teach you will give your the tools and confidence to do beautiful eyeliner designs on all the different eye shapes. You will also learn how to design, mark and lock in bottom eyeliner!  Design and lots of other valuable information to up your liner game.

This is a pre-recorded class with 2 hours of Power Point Theory and drawing on two different models. There are loads of Q&A already addressed.  Your handout is already posted on the group for you to download and print out. Teryn & Amber continue to monitor this group addressing questions and offering any additional support that may be needed. 

Needle & The Prick Webinar

The Needle and the Prick | WAS $250.00 NOW $199. THIS IS A RECORDED WEBINAR. PLEASE EMAIL US TO GET ALL SET UP! – This permanent makeup training webinar is all about needles! Cosmetic tattoo artists have the important task of selecting the appropriate needle diameter size, count, taper and configuration for every procedure performed. The needle dictates the footprint left behind in the skin so choosing the right needle is crucial not only to achieve the artistic result wanted, but to tattoo every procedure with efficiency. Choosing the right needle directly impacts our work and our results. Teryn is one of the select few cosmetic tattoo artists who learned the dying art of needle making and for years every procedure she performed was done with a needle she made herself. She understands the importance and complexities of tattoo needles. With thousands of procedures to her credit, Teryn will guide you through the science of needles ensuring that the outcome of your procedures becomes more predictable. She will give you the insight necessary to analytically and artistically explore the heart of procedure perfection…the needle. This is a must have class for every tattoo artist whether performing permanent makeup, micro-blading or body art. 

Li-FT Removal Online Course

Li-FT Pigment Removal Online Course | – This permanent makeup training webinar class runs about 5 hours long.   is a detailed and interactive class on how to safely and effectively lighten and remove unwanted pigment/ink for both PMU and Body Tattooes.  Teryn has a way of teaching and reaching all her attendees in a way no other does.  She has been doing removal for over 14 years using both machine and the hand tool method and is considered one of the worlds leading experts in saline removal.  She incorporates many different techniques depending on the area and the situation.  You will learn How and Why Saline Works, all about needle choices,  executing movements,  power box numbers, the manual method, titanium, “Emergency Li-FT Removal” which is a technique she developed and so much more.

She uses Li-FT Saline Removal Solution formulated by Li Pigments.  Li-FT is non-acid, exceptionally   safe, effective and has become the most trusted and sought after removal solution in the industry today.  Check out our IG page @liftinkremoval for lots of before and after pictures.