Teryn Darling has been doing permanent makeup in Las Vegas for over 21 years.  She is also a body tattoo artist and much of her permanent makeup skills comes from her body tattoo background. Teryn and the team of Girlz Ink Studio Artists offer all types of permanent makeup training. The Girlz Ink Studio teaches hands on classes in eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and tattoo saline lightening. Girlz Ink offers offers online Permanent Makeup Education and Courses.  Learn Permanent Makeup Color Theory, Saline Tattoo Lightening & Removal, Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Needle Theory, Powder Brows, Nano Stroke Brows, Single Needle Ombre Brows and so much more. Whatever level or type of training you need…Teryn Darling and Girlz Ink Studio have worked hard to meet those needs. We have focused and developed training for all aspects of permanent makeup helping artists level up and create beautiful work.  Hands on, shadowing or visit our Girlz Ink Online Academy…we have what you need.  

Follow the Girlz Ink Studio on Facebook  and Instagram @girlzinkstudio.  Make sure to read all our amazing reviews on Google.  Please contact us anytime for more information. We are not only here to help you reach your goals with your permanent makeup procedures…..we live for it.

PMU Color Theory Recorded Webinar

Tattooing Living Color Recorded | $250 –  This PMU color theory recorded webinar class is all about Color Theory, Skin Undertones, Corrections, The Science of Pigments and so much more. This is a RECORDED webinar that runs about 9 hours long. Thats right…over 9 hours of pure color theory education. There is NO other PMU color theory class this in-depth, this detailed, this educational in the industry today. Teryn is not new to color theory…she has studied and taught color theory for over 14 years. She was the first to put her knowledge of color, skin undertones and pigments into an on-line webinar. Many have followed since but none have duplicated what Teryn has done. Yes it is recorded so you have the convenience of having this recording for one full month and  watching it when you want and as many times as you want! 

Wedges & Wing Design Webinar

with Teryn Darling and Amber Guthery

Cost: $195

This class will teach you how to design, mark and lock in a perfectly symmetrical design for a  wedge eyeliner and winged eyeliner.  The techniques and information we teach you will give your the tools and confidence to do beautiful eyeliner designs on all the different eye shapes. You will also learn how to design, mark and lock in bottom eyeliner!  Design and lots of other valuable information to up your liner game.

This is a pre-recorded class with 2 hours of Power Point Theory and drawing on two different models. There are loads of Q&A already addressed.  Your handout is already posted on the group for you to download and print out. Teryn & Amber continue to monitor this group addressing questions and offering any additional support that may be needed. 

Needle & The Prick Online Course

The Needle and the Prick | $275 – The ultimate needle course. To just simply pick up any needle at random and hope it will create the kind of work you are wanting is a big gamble…even if you are skilled in your procedures. Choosing and using the right needle for each procedure you are doing will allow you to work with ultimate efficiency, complete the procedure faster and achieve a more predictable healed result. When we work more efficiently and spend less time in the skin…less trauma is caused to the skin and our work heals better.

Cosmetic tattoo artists have the important task of selecting the appropriate needle diameter size, count, taper and configuration for every procedure performed. The needle dictates the footprint left behind in the skin so choosing the right needle is crucial not only to achieve the artistic result wanted, but again…to tattoo every procedure with efficiency.

Li-FT Removal Online Course

Li-FT Pigment Removal Online Course | – The Li-FT Pigment Removal Class is the most talked about and highest referred removal class in the industry today. It is detailed, to the point and allows techs to put this knowledge and training straight to work. This course will teach you how to safely and effectively lighten and remove unwanted pigment/ink for both permanent makeup and body tattoos. Teryn has been doing removal for over 14 years using both machine and the hand tool method. She incorporates many different techniques depending on the area and the situation. Several years ago, with much trial and error she was the first to developed a very successful technique to remove eyeliner migrations and also to perform what she coined “Emergency Li-FT”. The ability to perform lightening and removal procedures has become a necessary tool and skill of the PMU artist. With this course you will have the ability and skill set needed to help those who need it most, and there is no better feeling than that.