Permanent MakeupPrice  (Does not include touch ups)
Shaded/Powder Eyebrows$550
Microblading/Hairstroke Eyebrows $650
 Combo Brows (hair strokes and shading)$600
Top & Bottom EyelinerBasic $550 | Thick &/or Wings are a bit more    
Top Eyeliner OnlyBasic $400 | Thick &/or Wings are a bit more
Bottom Eyeliner Only$350 Flat Fee
Full Lip$700
Beauty Mark$150
Areola Restoration(quoted at consultation)
Corrections(quoted at consultation)

NEW SERVICE:  “Teenzy Tatz”.  Teenzy Tatz are small (generally 1×1 to 2×2 in size), simplistic tattooed designs.  We offer a wide variety of fun, cute and meaningful designs/images to choose from.  People love Teenzy Tatz because they are small, discreet and easy to hide if needed.   Teenzy Tatz may be small, but they can have a big impact and bring huge amounts of joy to those that get them.   Email us for a free consultation.



Gift certificates available for purchase from our Store. All gift certificates purchased at our store or in person expire after six (6) months.


A Booking Fee is required to reserve your appointment date. Booking Fees are non-refundable if less than 48 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling is not given. The prices above DO NOT include the follow up or touch up appointment. Touch up and follow up appointments are separate and additional fees. If you have any questions please contact our office.

We work by appointment only and at any given time we are booked  1 to 3 months in advance. To insure the date and time you desire please book your appointment early.

We are all very busy these days and our time is very valuable. Not only do we show up for your appointment, but we are always prompt and on time, we ask kindly that you do the same for us. If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment a 48 hour notice is required. If less than a 48 hour notice is given or if an appointment is a “no show” then a 50% of the procedure price must be prepaid in order to reschedule the appointment.

If you live outside the Las Vegas area a $100 Booking Fee will be required to book an appointment and will be applied to the cost of the procedure(s).

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Cash are accepted. Consultations are free & welcomed