Teryn has been performing permanent makeup, medical and body tattooing for over 21 years.  Teryn is world renown and has impacted the permanent makeup industry in a profound way by bringing the art of dilution and versatility to the forefront. She proved that tattooed makeup can look soft, natural, realistic and last. She is also responsible for bringing to attention and teaching the importance of learning, knowing and understanding the tattoo needle, color theory, pigment removal and many other permanent makeup topics.  She is booked all over the world to share her knowledge and skills.

Teryn started her career with a 6 month apprenticeship in cosmetic tattooing.  Three years into her permanent makeup career she entered and completed an 18 month body tattoo apprenticeship under Eddie Lin at the Skin Factory Tattoo Studio.  This is where she learned the art of making needles, pigment dilution, and all the advanced tattoo techniques to achieve outstanding and natural results. Due to her skill level, eye for detail and dedication to her her work, Teryn and her work is recognized all over the globe.  She is considered one of the top cosmetic tattoo artists in the world.  She specializes in the Powdered Brow, Eyeliners, Lips and 3D Areola and Nipple restoration. She is one of the most sought after artists by both clients desiring beautiful, natural and skillfully done permanent cosmetics and artists from all over the world wanting to learn her techniques. Teryn and her work has been featured in International Cosmetic Tattoo magazines as well as articles written about her in local newspapers and magazines.

Four years ago Teryn took her busy practice and clientele to her own studio…The Girlz Ink Studio. She hand selected only the best artists to join her and complete the Girlz Ink Team. With Teryn leading a team of the most talented permanent makeup artists in Las Vegas, the Girlz Ink Studio is a very unique and one of a kind cosmetic tattoo studio. With all the diversified talent the Girlz Ink Studio offers any style eyebrow whether it be hair strokes, micro-blading or powder brows, any style eyeliner, lips and medical tattoo procedures. This has been Teryn’s vision for many years and now they are here to serve you.  Teryn continues to keep a busy clientele of her own, travel the world with her sold out classes and educate both the industry and public on permanent makeup procedures and protocol.  She is living her dream and doing what she was born to do!  Besides tattooing she is a animal lover and works with A Home 4 Spot…a local dog rescue non-profit organization.  She enjoys music and is known to…..dance.