Amber Guthery – Artist


Amber was born and raised in Des Moines Iowa where she received an art degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. At 20 years old she moved to further her education where she attended FIDM in Los Angeles California. Graduating top of her class, with a degree in Visual Communications, she knew she was on the right track!

Amber is an accomplished artist who studied and practiced many different forms of art for 13 years such as computer graphics, visual design, fashion design and sewing, just to name a few…giving her a very exceptional eye for overall design, details, and symmetry. She has always been very comfortable using different mediums to create any type of art, it comes naturally to her.

Her career change happened when she got permanent eyebrows and eyeliner herself. This experience changed her life! Her love of art, and helping people had finally come together. She knew from this point forward she had found her true artistic path.

Ambers artistic passion and background as an artist has enabled her to now become a permanent makeup artist, in Las Vegas Nevada. Trained by world renowned artist Teryn Darling. Amber has been with Girlz Ink Studio for five years and hopes to stay for many more.