Keona Samik


12507313_942026575890641_9053745353153791455_nKeona grew up by the beaches of Southern California and moved from the comfort of home for college and has lived in several states before making Las Vegas home (yet again.) At an early age of 5, she remembered her mother emphasizing how important a set of groomed eyebrows were important to frame the face. Her mother made it her priority that hers, her younger brother’s and her sister’s eyebrows were groomed every week with a barbers razor. Can you imagine a young boy with perfect pretty brows?

Her and her mother’s bonding time would be perusing through fashion magazines of eyebrows or they would speak on whatever set of brows that be on television. This obsession translated to her drawing eyebrows after eyebrows at such an early age. This is probably the reason why she greets everyone’s eyebrows first and second, people’s smile.

She was always an artsy child growing up. She love creating and making things. Her father also helped feed into her artsy ways. He splurged on her very first professional camera. She was the family photographer on all family outings and was the “extra” photographer for all her aunties wedding. Her younger siblings were the willingly and not so willingly subjects to her glamours shots/stylist/make-up sessions. If it wasn’t for her, she thinks they won’t have hilarious pictures to look back on.

She knew about 16 years ago that she wanted to tattoo eyebrows. The receptionist at her doctor’s office had tattooed “feathered strokes” brows and instantly, Keona fell in love with how realistic they appeared. She found the artist that taught this method, but by the time she was ready, the artist had moved out of the state. So, of course this passion took a back seat. But fast forward to now, she had trained under one of the most respected Microstroking Master in Beverly Hills, and is currently part of Girlz Ink under the mentorship with the world renowned permanent make-up Artist Teryn Darling.