Jillian Silva – Artist

Jillian Silva is a third generation Las Vegas native. She went to High School on the East Side where she took advanced drawing and painting courses. She was a natural artist with a good eye for design and symmetry. 
Jillian started working right out of high school at a small eyebrow threading boutique in 2011 and she became obsessed with brows! With her natural artistic abilities and her warm personality…she built a loyal clientele. She heard about Microblading in 2015, became very interested and dove into a six month apprenticeship here in Vegas. Her already honed brow artistry regarding design and shape gave her an advantage and it didn’t take long to develop her technical skills.  
She has spent the last six years taking advanced courses, studying her craft and leveling up her microblading brow game. Due to her own natural abilities, her dedication and passion, she has become one of the top microblading artists not only in Las Vegas, the entire United States. 
Jillian has decided to hang her tools here at the Girlz Ink Studio and we couldn’t be more excited or proud to have her to join our team!